What's this app about?

And what you can actually achieve with SMD model?


Everything starts with a good suspicion. Maybe you sit on the meetings too much time of your day.


You can not just come to your boss and say you spent 10 hours at week on meetings. Not without hard data.


When you gather all data about your meetings, you can finally decide how to make your life more efficient.

Meeting rooms love people

"I work as team leader for IT department for one of the largest e-commerce platform at Western Europe. I spent a lot of time in meetings.
And meeting rooms love people. And every manager that does not produce real outcomes is sort of insatiable when it comes to spent some work time hidden in room with chairs around the table. I guess it has something to do with king Arthur legend and the knights of the round tableā€¦"

So stop living in the over-lighted room, get out of your comfort zone and do something useful to help you and your company growth.